Crochet Kids Christmas Cap

Crochet this cap with four items you probably already have!

This pattern from Tatyana Ermakova is just perfect for little ones!

Other than the crochet hook, there are three items you’ll need for this pattern:

  1. Red yarn
  2. White yarn
  3. One pompom

If you’re stuck on some of the abbreviations used in this pattern, be sure to refer to our crochet terms reference post.

  1. Gather your supplies. Legend: Chain – ch; Slip stitch – sl st; Single crochet – sc; Double crochet – dc; Stitch – st.

  2. 12 dc. 12 dc.

  3. Increase of 12 times.

  4. 24 dc. 24 dc. 24 dc.

Check out the rest of the pattern here.

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