The Best Yarn Winder on Amazon

Replacing the metal gears with nylon gears is what makes this winder so great!

With a 5 star rating and over 300 customer reviews, this Yarn Ball Winder by Stanwood Needlecraft is the most durable, best-value-for-the-money yarn winder on Amazon.

Other yarn winders are made with metal gears, which can be loud, and will lock up on your during use.


But the Stanwood Needlecraft winder was made with the winding experience in mind. This winder was made with nylon gears, which are more durable and create less noise than gears made out of metal.

For a quick look at a demo of this winder, YouTuber BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE shared this video of how easy it is to use the Stanwood Needlecraft winder.

And assembly couldn’t be easier, as demonstrated by Standwood Needlecraft on YouTube:

If you haven’t yet, consider getting this winder from Amazon for someone you love (or heck, for you – why not!).

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